How to cancel amazon prime

How to cancel Amazon Prime in 2024

  1. Go to Amazon’s website: Log in to your Amazon account on the Amazon website.
  2. Access Your Account: Hover over “Account & Lists” on the top right side of the homepage and click on “Your Prime Membership” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Manage Membership: On the Prime membership page, look for the “Manage” or “Manage Membership” button, which typically has a dropdown arrow next to it. Click on it to find more options.
  4. End Membership: From the options provided under “Manage,” select “End Membership and Benefits” or a similarly worded option to begin the cancellation process.
  5. Follow the Prompts: Amazon will guide you through a series of prompts that may include a reminder of the benefits you’re losing by canceling and possibly offers to stay. Continue to follow the prompts to confirm that you want to cancel.
  6. Confirmation: Once you’ve completed the process, you should receive a confirmation that your Amazon Prime membership will not renew. Depending on your billing cycle, you might still have access to Prime benefits until the end of the current billing period.

Please note that Amazon’s interface and the exact steps may change over time. If you encounter any difficulty or if the interface has been updated, Amazon’s Help section provides up-to-date instructions and even video guides on how to cancel your Prime membership. Additionally, if you’re having trouble navigating the website or prefer assistance, you can contact Amazon’s customer service directly for help with canceling your subscription.

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